Diary Dates -

Date Details
Annual Festival -

We were unable to hold our Festival in October 2020, and it has now been booked for 30 January 2021 the American Cathedral of Paris as usual, but under a different title. This will be an Archdeaconry of France Festival, under the auspices of the Archdeacon of France, but will follow the same format as the RSCM France festival. More later in the year.

Future events -

Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to schedule any events in the near future, but have several in the pipeline for Spring 2021. These are the Instrumental and Singing Day at St Mark's Versailles, postponed from March 2020; the Hymn Festival at St George's, Paris; Inspiring Music in Worship - a study day for church musicians and clergy, led by the Rev Helen Bent of RSCM; and another singing course using resonance techniques, after the success of the first one in January 2020.

Full details will be made available as soon as we are free to do so.